Ellen Burke

As former Executive and Co-owner of an Integrated Marketing Communications company and former Director of Education for a private school, support and the development of people has been at the core of every position I have held – as Executive Team member, Director of Organizational Learning, Corporate Trainer, Marketing and Research Executive, and Educator.

As a Partner and Senior Executive Search Consultant with a focus on Wealth Management and Private Banking, I work in service of both clients and candidates. I believe in the cultural affinity for the people I place in organizations. I am heavily influenced by Peter Drucker, Peter Senge and others who believe the selection of people is the most important decision an organization can make. My goal is to aid clients in that process and to place the right person in the right system. Having integrity around this process is paramount to me.

It is a priority for me to cultivate long term partnerships with clients. I do extensive research to identify stellar candidates – Senior Executives, Financial Advisors, Portfolio Managers, Private Bankers, Managers in all disciplines and more. My focus is California with particular emphasis on the Southern CA market.

I graduated from Kenya HS in Nairobi, Kenya, earned my BA from the University of Michigan and have completed numerous post-graduate studies with Peter Senge, W. Edwards Deming and other innovative leaders. I enjoy world travel, sports, music, art, nature and much more. I am also an advocate for children’s causes.

Gary Fruchtman